Sunday, April 1, 2012

eBay shop with tons of cute clothes!!

I wanted to share this shop/seller on eBay called "Refuse to be Usual" or "RTBU" They have a ton of cute fairy kei clothes! They've got shirts, hoodies, tutus, dresses, bloomers, tights, socks, and more! They also sell a lot of visual kei/punk type clothing, so if you go into the "shirts" section you may not see the fairy kei stuff buried in all the punk style, so I suggest going to the sellers "Items for Sale" section here: Then search for "decora" "cutie" or "fruits" to find the cute stuff!! Also try searching for "my little pony" "care bears" "yum yums" and "marie cat" Even if you don't buy anything take a look around for inspiration they have tons of photos for each item with full cords. I love this shop because I rarely see a clothing shop that is dedicated or has a dedicated section for fairy kei or decora, it seems more like fair
y kei is seen as the "little sister" of Sweet Lolita and only a sub-style. Here's a few pieces from this shop!

And the ebay seller name is:

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