Monday, December 12, 2011

Etsy, I am dissapoint

So far I have only had good things to say about Etsy, until now. This is the first problem I've ever had with the site.

A couple nights ago a customer sent me several frantic convos, she was trying to buy something and it wouldn't let her check out. She said when she tried to pick Canada as her country to ship to, it "went blank" and "did nothing" She asked if I shipped to Canada, and I replied "Of course I ship to Canada, I'm a proud Canadian seller!" I offer shipping to USA, Canada, and "Everywhere else" on every item on my store. I double checked to make sure the shipping options were right on my listing, and they were. So I told my customer we would figure it out. First thing I did was send an email to Etsy Support explaining the problem. And then after talking with my customer we decided she would pay me directly through paypal, because she wanted the item for a Christmas gift and wanted to have it express shipped, I couldn't wait for Etsy to get back to me, she wanted to pay me right away so I could ship it immediately. After she paid the paypal invoice I deactivated the listing because it was a one of a kind item and I didn't want anyone else to buy it and have to give them a refund because it was already sold.

So I solved the problem, my customer was happy and I made a good sale. That should have been the end of it.

24 hours after all this, Etsy Support finally gets back to me. Basically they said, "I'm sorry you had a problem, but since you deactivated the listing I can't do anything to help you. It was probably your fault for not offering shipping to Canada." Then they said they removed two items from my store because they didn't meet the criteria needed to sell on Etsy, they were coupons to upgrade to express shipping. Many stores do this during the holidays and it's an easy way for people to buy items and upgrade to express shipping without having to send you a convo and wait for you to reply to arrange a shipping upgrade. They did refund me for the listing fees though, so I was only annoyed at this point. In an effort to figure out why this person couldn't check out in the first place, I replied explaining I deactivated the listing because she already paid me through Paypal and I didn't want another person to buy the same item.

Another 24 hours before I get another response. This time all they tell me is that it was a serious offence to have her pay through paypal, and that it was called "Fee Avoidence" and that if I do it again they'll shut down my store.


So in summary, this is what Etsy did:

-Took 24 hours to answer me
-Did nothing to solve my problem
-Take down my listings
-Threaten to close my store

Now, I'm not saying that Etsy is wrong. It's perfectly acceptable for them to have rules against "avoiding fees" and selling coupons that aren't tangible items. And I honestly weren't aware of those rules until I broke them in this situation. But itself is buggy, every day when I'm on it I'll try to navigate and my browser will say " couldn't load because blah blah it's retarded" And this doesn't happen with any other website I visit so I know it's not my browser, computer, or internet provider. Many times when I write a convo or a listing and click the Send/Submit button, it will take forever to load and then give me an error message, causing me to have to go back and losing all my work (I now copy a convo before I send it). Etsy used to have a problem where people would check out but the seller would never get a payment, this not only happened to me at least 5, maybe 10 times, I've talked to other sellers and it happened to them all the time too. And I get orders every day from US, Canada, and plenty of other countries, so the probability that the original problem was with my listing is very slim. So I'm assuming this person couldn't check out because Etsy was derping out.

With that in mind, this is why I'm so upset: My customer can't check out because YOUR site isn't working, and when I have them pay through pay pal you threaten to close my store? Well if people can't check out you're not going to get your fees anyways! And if my customers can't check out I'm going to take my store somewhere else anyways!! ARRRRRGH!!!!

Right now it's taking every ounce of my self control not to email them with an angry email, or a sarcastic "Thanks a bunch! Taking down my listings and threatening to close my store really helped!!" Because I'm afraid if I reply again something worse will happen to me. Maybe they'll say my angry email was "abusive" and then actually shut down my store. I'm trying to let it go, because my customer is happy and the package is already on it's way. I already solved the problem myself before Etsy even got back to me the first time. Though if I encounter more problems like this, I really will take my store somewhere else, to it's own URL, and not sell through Etsy at all. The main reason I haven't done this already is because 90% of my site traffic is through Etsy. If I only sold on my own "" I would be an isolated island in the sea of the internet, so at the point it hasn't been worth moving to my own URL, but if Etsy keeps on being buggy and then non helpful it might be.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tagging Items on Etsy

Here's a quick tip for tagging items on Etsy. I realized that you may only have 13 slots, but each slot can be filled with 2 or 3 words (20 characters max) and each word will act like a separate tag. So instead of writing "Cute" "Cupcake" and "Pink" in three separate tags, write "Cute Pink Cupcake" as one phrase in one tag. This essentially TRIPLES the amount of space you get for tagging, and this is really important because the tags are what determines the search results when people search on Etsy, where you will get the highest amount of traffic from.

Also, when you list an item the category phrases you choose also act like tags. So if you pick "Jewelry" "Necklace" and "Polymer Clay" as your categories, all of those will act as tags. You can double check this after you finished your listing, at the bottom the tags will have "Jewelry" "Necklace" and "Polymer Clay" as the first three tags. So when you're typing in the tag phrases, don't use any of the words that were already used in the category, since they're already there it will be a waste of tagging space better used for different words to maximize your search results.

I hate when people complain their shop isn't doing well, then you look at their tags and they haven't even used all 13! Remember to fill out all of those tags even if you have to stretch your brain to think of new words, it's well worth the time!